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I know a lil 'bout a lot of things, just enough... [userpic]
"Find The Argus Apocraphex' on album art
by I know a lil 'bout a lot of things, just enough... (letosghanima)

1. Self-Titled


2. A Beautiful Lie

3. This Is War

4. Love Lust Faith + Dreams


Posted by: rothalion (rothalion)
Posted at: June 14th, 2013 06:47 pm (UTC)

hello sorry I don't come here as often as I should. I haven't bought the new album yet but will on the 24th. I haven't even heard any of the songs. I am surprised to see they are still telling us to find it. I tried to get onto the new site and it locks me out saying Wanguard has blocked me, so I need to figure that out. I miss the band and all of our discussions so I need to get back in touch. Be well!

Posted by: I know a lil 'bout a lot of things, just enough... (letosghanima)
Posted at: June 15th, 2013 10:41 am (UTC)

Hey there :). It's ok, you know, we've all scattered all over the known universe and I don't get many visits here at all. Very glad to see you again! I've listened to the new album and it's a bit of a weird experience. I do like more songs off this album than I did with TIW.

About the AA: I don't get the feeling it's still all that important to them. Just a funny little tradition they like to maintain. Not that many fans still looking to find it I think. Although ... I had 76 hits on my latest Argus Apocraphex related post on Tumblr, so who knows.

This is me on Tumblr btw: http://ladyghanima.tumblr.com/tagged/argus%20apocraphex. Or to be more exact: it's the little list of AA related posts I made with my Tumblr account. You may come across one some day, now you'll know it's me :).

I don't really completely understand what Wanguard is. But I think that if it blocks you it means the software thinks there's something off with your IP address. Sounds like it's software that protects a site against malicious attacks like DDoS. You may try changing your IP address or access the site from another computer.

Do get back to me soon. I miss our discussion too :).

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